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How You Can Help

If you’d like to help keep the reading community going, we’d be glad to have your help. Here are some suggestions for things you can do, listed from the easy to the harder.

  1. Let us know that you’re participating. We’d be greatly encouraged if you would leave a comment on the Start Reading page to let us know that you’ve joined the group. Or, you can write to us at
  2. Invite someone else to join the group. Perhaps the person you ask will become your intellectual sparring partner and spiritual companion as you read the fathers.
  3. Join the discussion. You can discuss and debate the fathers along with us in the comments threads of our weekly posts. Both questions and answers are welcome.
  4. Write a blog post. If you’d like to write one of the weekly blog posts summing up what we’ve read in the fathers, drop us a line and we’ll add you to the schedule. The blog post can be as simple as a few excerpts of note.
  5. Write an introduction to one of the major works. For each of the major works that we’ll be reading, we’d like to write a blog post introducing the work, with a notice of the major critical editions, perhaps an overview of major scholarship, a brief life of the father, and an overview of the work’s main themes. If you’d like to write one of these, look at the calendar for an upcoming work let us know which one you want to do.
  6. Let us know your ideas. There are probably ways you can join in that we haven’t thought about. Let us know what they are! You can write to us at

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  1. Duncan Johnson

    I have started a companion discussion group on Goodreads. My main purpose for this was to find out who among my book loving friends might be interested, although I suppose the discussion might fragment between there and here a little bit too.

    The group is located at

    I’m considering joining the group, but wanted to see if I could have others join with me for maximum benefit

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