He is risen, indeed! Alleluia!

Today is western Easter. To celebrate, I give you a passage from the Gelasian Sacramentary (seventh-century — very late patristic…) and an early image of Christ in glory, from Santa Costanza (4th-century) in Rome:

The time has come that we have longed for; what greater or better work can be found than to proclaim the might of our Risen Lord? Bursting open the doors of the grave, He has displayed to us the glorious banner of His Resurrection. Through Him the sons of light are born to life eternal; the courts of the kingdom of heaven are opened to believers; and by the law of a blessed intercourse, earthly and heavenly things are interchanged. For by the Cross of Christ we have all been redeemed from death, and by His Resurrection the life of us all has risen again. While He has assumed our mortal nature, we acknowledge Him as the God of majesty; and in the glory of the Godhead we confess Him God and Man: Who by dying destroyed our death, and by rising again restored our life — even Jesus Christ our Lord. –Gelasian Sacramentary, from two Easter Prefaces, from Ancient Collects and Other Prayers, Selected from Various Rituals by W. Bright, p. 54 (https://archive.org/details/ancientcollects00collgoog/page/n72/mode/2up)

Christ, from Santa Costanza, Rome (4th-c)