We hope you have been enjoying Clement’s rather detailed practical guide to Christian living. Perhaps it has helped you to refine your table manners, or perhaps—as some readers have told us—its humorous specificity has caused you to lose your composure at the breakfast table!

In tomorrow’s reading, Clement turns his attention to marriage, gender roles, and sexuality. As our public domain translation was crafted in 1869, at the height of Victorian sensibility, the translator William Wilson left much of Book 2 Chapter 10 of the Instructor (Pedagogus) untranslated. Agreeing with the ANF editors that Wilson may have “been too cautious” in his “sacrifice to a proper verecundia” (sense of modesty), we are supplying an alternative translation (PDF) for our readers who happen to lack proficiency with Latin.

That translation comes from Simon Wood’s Christ the Educator (Fathers of the Church Series, 1954). For convenience’ sake, we are including both chapters 9 and 10 of Wood’s translation of our prescribed reading tomorrow. Readers who up to this point have not used an alternate translation may be surprised to find that what constitutes seven pages in the ANF series fills roughly thirty pages of the alternate edition! We assure you the amount of content is substantially the same, though the text formatting is not. (When we use another alternate edition—for the same reasons—next month for Book 3 of the Stromata, the ratio is closer to eighteen pages.)

We hope you find Clement’s thoughts on sleep, intercourse, and adornment worth pondering.