John Behr provides the structure of Book 5 in Irenaeus of Lyons on page 103:

Book Five: ‘The rest of the teahcings of the Lord and the epistles of Paul’


I. The power of God (haer. 5.1-14)
The work of God, forming human beings through their death (haer. 5.1-2)
The strength of God manifest in the weakness of the flesh (haer. 5.3-5)
The glorification of God in his handiwork (haer. 5.6-8)
‘Flesh and blood shall not inherit the kingdom’ (haer. 5.9-14)

II. The work of Christ (haer. 5.15-24)
Christ as Creator (haer. 5.15.1-16.2)
The Passion (haer. 5.16.3-20)
The temptation of Christ (haer. 5.21-24)

III. The Final End (haer. 5.25-36.1)
The Antichrist (haer. 5.25-30)
The resurrection of the righteous (haer. 5.31-36.2)

Conclusion (haer. 5.36.3)