We continue with John Behr, Irenaeus of Lyons, page. 98, as our guide to the structure of Against the Heresies:

Book Four: ‘The Words of the Lord’


I. The one God, the transcendant Creator and Author of the Law and Gospel (haer. 4.1-19)
The Father of the Lord, the God of the Patriarchs (haer. 4.5.2-8.1)
That Christ observed the Law (haer. 4.8.2-3)
The Law and the Gospel, Stages of Growth (haer. 4.9-11)
The Gospel as Fulfilment of the Law (haer. 4.12-16)
The Eucharist as the Completion of Figurative Sacrifices (haer. 4.17-19.1)
Conclusion: The Transcendence of the One God (haer. 4.19.1-3)

II. Christ and the economy (haer. 4.20-35)
Christ, the key (haer. 4.20.1-4)
The prophetic character of Scripture (haer. 4.20.5-8a (finishing at line 196))
The visions of the prophets (haer. 4.20.8b-11)
The prefigurative acts of the prophets, patriarchs, and Christ (haer. 4.20.12-22.2)
The Word concerning Christ, sown in the Scripture, reaped in the Church (haer. 4.23-25)
The reading of, and transfiguration by reading, Scripture (haer. 4.26.1)
The ecclesial reading of Scripture of the presbyters and spiritual disciples (haer. 4.26.2-33)
Conclusion (haer. 4.34-35)

III. Calling and judgement, from the Parables of Christ (haer. 36-41)
The call of God (haer. 4.36)
Human liberty (haer. 4.37-39)
Judgement (haer. 4.40-41.3)