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Complete Year 6 Calendar Posted

With our apologies for the delay, we have posted the complete year 6 calendar. It is a promising year full of writings from St. Augustine of Hippo. You can follow along on the calendar page, starting at January 2018. Print out or bookmark the calendar to follow along every day.


  1. Thanks Possidius,

    As it happens, I have read 7 pages religiously everyday over the hiatus and ended up about a week ahead, about which I feel rather smug. Onward and upwards with S Augustine.

  2. It appears that there is an off-by-one error in the calendar; the calendar day is on the weekday following where it should be, such that 14 January, 2 Sunday of Epiphany, falls on a Monday according to the RTF calendar. When I traced it back, the error appears to have been introduced around Advent 2 (if memory serves).

  3. July 15 2018 is a Sunday not Monday, right?

  4. Just curious if the Year 7 Calendar will be coming any time soon?

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