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Year Five Calendar Available

To our e-mail subscribers: When we were preparing the daily posts for the coming year, we accidentally posted about a dozen of them. You probably received an e-mail for each of them. Please accept our apologies for our mistake.

Year five of Read the Fathers is upon us, as Advent begins for the western church this coming Sunday, November 27. We have posted the calendar of readings for the coming year. We hope that you have had a good year reading along with us. And if you are just joining us, welcome.

This coming year we will read the letters and sermons of Leo the Great (400–461); the Rule of Gregory the Great (540–604) as well as his letters; and the hymns of Ephrem the Syrian (306–373). But the primary author on our reading list is Augustine (354–430). We will read his letters, ConfessionsThe City of GodOn Christian Doctrine, and On the Trinity, along with a host of smaller works. It promises to be a great year, and we hope these readings will encourage you in your faith.

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  1. Thank you Possidius for all your effort. I have benefited enormously from these daily readings and look forward very much to next years readings. It is amazing to consider how many pages have been read since the programme began at the end of 2012.

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