In recent months we’ve been reading a lot of non-canonical works and apocalyptic texts. The use that NT Wright makes of pre-Christian non-canonical works has made me appreciate the value of reading these Christian apocalyptic works, though I freely admit that some of them are a bit of a slog. But this one line from a few days ago brought a laugh:

At what time was this revelation made?  In the consulship of Theodosius Augustus the Younger and Cynegius, a certain nobleman then living in Tharsus, in the house which was that of Saint Paul, an angel appearing in the night revealed to him, saying that he should open the foundations of the house and should publish what he found, but he thought that these things were dreams.

But the angel coming for the third time beat him and forced him to open the foundation.  And digging he found a marble box, inscribed on the sides; there was the revelation of Saint Paul, and his shoes in which he walked teaching the word of God.