The Read the Fathers home office has been rather quiet recently, not least because we have been busy writing and/or defending a couple of PhDs among us, plus other more significant life changes. But we have put together year 3 of the calendar which will begin this coming Advent (Nov. 30, 2014). Please note that we’ve elected to begin this third year with the second series, rather than the first series, of Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers. (That’s the blue instead of the green volumes.) The first series is exclusively Ss. Augustine and Chrysostom, while the second series contains a great many more fathers. Though we certainly don’t have anything against reading the Doctor of Grace and the Golden-Mouthed Preacher, we think you’ll appreciate getting to know a wider variety of patristic writings in year 3. It promises to be a rich year. The list includes Eusebius’s Church History, as well as other ecclesiastical histories by Socrates Scholasticus, Salaminius Sozomenus, and Theodoret. We also have some of the greatest writers of the church, among them Jerome, Athanasius, and Gregory of Nyssa. (This year will feature some of the Eastern fathers, who are regrettably scarce in the NPNF volumes.)

I am always amazed at how many people continue to visit this site and, presumably, to continue the demanding task of reading the fathers of the church. We hope you’ll continue to join us, and perhaps find occasion to invite someone else to start reading in year 3.