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Acknowledging Books Received


From time to time publishers are kind enough to send books to the Read the Fathers home office in hopes that we will review them. While we cannot review them as promptly as I’d like, nevertheless I want to acknowledge receipt of the books and let you know about the titles in case you’re interested. These are the four we’ve received most recently:

A few very general comments. First, I have the great respect for both InterVarsity Press and Paulist Press (and for that matter, for InterVarsity and the Paulists). Papandrea’s book looks like a very helpful introduction to authors and texts, as well as to the general history of the early Patristic era. Goggin and Strobel’s book is a collection of essays about how to read as an evangelical. The Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture is a fine series that crafts a commentary on the biblical text from quotations from the Fathers. Many modern biblical commentaries are just more and more of the same: the ACCS is really a commentary of a different source altogether. It is particularly valuable in the Psalms, since many commentaries are more interested in matters of poetic form and Hebrew grammar than in Christological readings of the Psalms.

I hope I’ll have time to give a fuller review of these books over the summer.

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  1. I have the whole ACCS series. VERY nice! Too many heterodox writers sometimes (quotes from Nestorius on the BVM, really?) but on the whole extremely helpful to my Bible studies. Good score!.

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