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Reading for Jan. 9, 2013

Author: Justin Martyr

Reading: Hortatory Address to the Greeks, ch. 25–38

Pages: ANF 1:283–289


  1. Though I would tend to agree with Justin on his assessment of this, is it merely a matter of opinion as to whether or not Plato and others read the Pentateuch and then changed things to make their own philosophies? Like when Justin says Plato called the Holy Spirit virtue and ascribed to virtue the characteristics of the HS (see chap. 32 in Hortatory Address to the Greeks).

  2. I forgot to add – In other words, are there others who would agree with Justin’s opinion on his interpretation of the Greeks and their predecessors philosophy as borrowed from Scripture but changed? Is this a commonly held position?

  3. Craig,

    My understanding is that Justin is mistaken—it’s pretty clear that Plato et al. did not have a knowledge of the Hebrew scriptures.

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