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Reading for Jan. 3, 2013

Author: Justin Martyr

Reading: Dialogue with Trypho, ch. 87–101

Pages: ANF 1:242–249


  1. I’m reading through Justin using Robertson/Donaldson…if anyone is using any of the more modern editions, does the analogy in chapter XCI/91 still use a unicorn? This doesn’t sound like any unicorn I’ve ever read about or seen depicted. Does anyone know exactly what sort of image of a unicorn Justin is using?

    • I have Falls-Halton, and it uses the term “Unicorn” too. Evidently it goes back to the LXX which used the greek term “monokeros”. Evidently the image “works” because of how the greek term for cross includes the sense of torture stake. My edition includes a footnote to Hegel’s classic work on the Crucifixion to describe this.

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