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Reading for Dec. 29, 2012

Author: Justin Martyr

Reading: Dialogue with Trypho, ch. 27–39

Pages: ANF 1:207–214


  1. “For Christ is King, and Priest, and God, and Lord, and angel and man and captain and stone, and a Son born, and first made subject to suffering, then returning to heaven, and again coming with glory, and He is preached as having the everlasting kingdom: so I prove from all the Scriptures.” Justin here summarizes the essence of ancient Christian exegesis.

  2. Justin knew his OT Scriptures inside and out! I wonder how difficult it was to be an apologist for Christ when the entire canon of Scripture had not yet been compiled.

  3. Did anyone else pull up a version of Handel’s “Lift up your heads, O ye gates” from Handel’s Messiah after reading chapter 36?

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