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Reading for Dec. 18, 2012


Reading: Martyrdom of Ignatius

Pages: ANF 1:129–131


  1. on my android OS, it doesn’t give me the pages. How do I know when to stop?

    • There are two citations here. The first is the citation to the parts of the book we’re reading, in this case “1 Clement, ch. 1–20.” That means we’re reading chapters 1 through 20 of First Clement. The second citation is to the pages in the print edition where the reading can be found, for example, “ANF 1:5–10.” That means the series Ante-Nicene Fathers, volume 1, pages 5 through 10.

      The perhaps confusing part is the hyperlink, which takes you to the CCEL site. That link will always take you to the first section of the day’s reading. From there you keep paging through the CCEL site until you get to the end of the day’s reading. Since today’s reading is all of the Martyrdom of Ignatius, you’d read to the end. And if you were using the print edition, you could just read the pages given.

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