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Reading for Dec. 5, 2012


Reading: Epistle to Diognetus

Pages: ANF 1:25–30


  1. I’ve been trying to highlight two or three sentences from each day’s reading, for future reference. Today I wanted to highlight the whole thing! Beautiful.

  2. In chapter 11 right after note 319 he states he was a disciple of the Apostles. Did he mean he was a direct disciple or simply by virtue of being a student of the letters of the Apostles in the NT?

    • In his discussion of authorship and date, Michael Holmes writes:

      The date of the document is a matter of conjecture as well. Reasonable suggestions range from 117 to after 313. Between 150 and 225 seems the most likely; Lightfoot, Meecham, and Frend favor the earlier of these dates, while R. M. Grant places it somewhat later. (Holmes, The Apostolic Fathers, 689.)

      Holmes also notes that there is a break after 10.8, and the section starting with chapter 11 may belong to another document.

      Some have attributed authorship to Polycarp, who was a disciple of the Apostle John. This attribution seems very unlikely to me.

      So, the odds are that the author means he is a disciple of the Apostles from reading their works, not from sitting at their feet.

  3. Thanks for the clarification Lincoln!

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