We’re gearing up for the start of year 1 of our reading cycle in a little over a week, but we’re ready with the year 2 schedule already, which we’ve posted to the calendar page. With a little numerological ingenuity, the second year ends the Ante-Nicene Fathers down to the page. Special thanks (again) to Amy Cavendar for converting the year 2 schedule into a Google calendar that you can subscribe to.

Here are the fathers that you can look forward to in the second year:

  • Cyprian
  • Novatian
  • Gregory Thaumaturgus
  • Dionysius of Alexandria
  • Archelaus the Bishop
  • Methodius of Olypus
  • Arnobius
  • Lactantius
  • Victorinus
  • The Didache
  • The Apostolic Constitutions
  • Pseudo-Clement
  • Tatian
  • Origen
  • and a number of minor fathers